KDiff3 – A good tool for robot programmer

KDiff3 是一个好用的文本比较合并工具。 官方主页:http://kdiff3.sourceforge.net/

KDiff3 is a good text comparison and merge tool. The Office Website: http://kdiff3.sourceforge.net/

作为一个工业机器人程序员,经常要写代码,免不了与不同版本作比较,过去,LT 一直使用Beyond Compare这个共享软件,作为比较软件,BC是强大的,但是LT只用到了它文本比较的功能,大材小用,更为重要的是,BC是一个共享软件,所以LT一直在找一个免费的好用的文本比较软件,直到发现KDiff3。

As a industrial robot programmer,  coding is one part of the job, you will always need to compare different version. In the past, LT always use the shareware Beyond Compare, it is powerful , but LT only use the function about text comparison,  LT was looking for a freeware with the same function. At last,  that is KDiff3.


KDiffe3 是一个跨平台的软件,你可以找到Mac、Linux、Windows平台下的版本。它可以同时比较三个文件(文件夹),同时也可以选择合并的方式。

KDiff3 is a multi-platform software, you will find the Mac , Linux, and Windows versions. It could compare three files (folders) at the sametime, you could choose the way of merging differents.


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