The Bat! v5 的新功能- QR Code

The Bat! 的 4月6号的 news letter, 介绍了新推出的 v5版本的一些特性,提到了  QR Code 功能,如果你不知道此功能在菜单什么地方,可以尝试在menu navigator里输入QR就可以定位于此功能。这个功能大大方便了用移动设备比如手机等传递记录信息。图像编码识别应用会越来越广。

“The Bat! is up to the pace of the other quickly developing innovation which is QR Code. The new version is able to generate and send those codes. The QR Code opens a wide range of facilities in terms of compact and quick data transmission to mobile devices. Data can be encoded into a small picture, which can be easily decoded by a mobile phone with camera and/or respective software. Thus, it is possible to transmit any text – links, email addresses, phone numbers, address book contacts, etc.”
–Ritlabs News

图片是 LT 的 NOKIA E50 手机上的软件 QuickMark 对 The Bat! v5 生成的二维码的识别测试。

The Bat! and QR code – how does it work?
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